So, I will say this is already starting out difficult. Trying to kick out 3,000 words with a toddler is challenging alone. I didn’t even factor in all the annoying text messages I keep getting from people and phone calls. I swear, people expect me to respond immediately and if I don’t because I’m doing something else–

Let the meltdowns begin!

Why is it so difficult to set boundaries with people? Let me go ahead and put this out there: You’ll probably get a few rant-based short stories because of the issues surrounding my life at the moment.

I was able to kick out this short story. It’s only 3,000 words which I’m somewhat disappointed about. The story is called Marked.

Synopsis: Due to a scandal, Laura and her family move from their lavish lifestyle in New York City, to the small town of Hell, Michigan. From the moment they arrive, Laura notices something odd about the town. When the town curfew arrives, Laura quickly learns that all is not as it seems and just like the scandal, she has a part to play in this town as well.


I will post links when it goes live.



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