So much has happened over the last week. First, my precious laptop died. My motherboard died out and they want to charge me more than it’s worth to repair. So, I told the Geek Squad at Best Buy to pull the hard drive and make it external. Still waiting for them to get back to me. Files are confirmed to be there, thank God, but Geek Squad is so backed up I have to wait days just to get a backup lol. My ebooks and stories are all on that hard drive so I’m stuck waiting. Thankfully, I have print copies of everything. The bad side is the anxiety of waiting to get my files back. I’ve learned a big lesson. BACK UP EVERYTHING 3 times lol. In the cloud, on an external, and then another external.

So, while I’m waiting I’m checking out I never gave the site a chance, but I’m thinking about doing it now. I made so much money on Elance/Upwork that I’m really itching to see what Freelancer can offer me.

I’m also launching my YouTube Channel today, called JenSimmer. I just found out that I can’t have a custom link until I reach 100 subs. Oh I’m so bummed about that, but oh well I’m definitely going to figure something out. I purchased Action Mirrillis, and Fraps last night, so I’m looking forward to making my let’s plays. Still there is much to do, but I see where I can get enough subs fast so I can make a custom YouTube link to my channel.

Now, it’s time to shop for a new laptop and computer. May the fun begin. Will update in a few days once I get everything sorted. 🙂


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