I have make sure this alert is posted. It’s getting really dark and the last time a storm like this passed my area I lost power for over 24 hours. I could not reach any of my clients and they were understandably angry last time. So, in hindsight I’m going to go ahead and post my weather report ahead of time. Remember, I have no control over the weather and these things happen from time to time. I will use my blog via my phone to keep everyone updated on my status, hopefully it passes through quickly. If I am offline, I encourage you to please send me emails and leave voice messages. I’ll return them as soon as I get back online. As a reminder if my power does go out, I will update this post.

Please click the image for full view of my status below:

Local Weather Alert weather.com



Update: 6:14pm. Power is down. I have alerted my energy company an waiting for an estimate of electricity restoration. I will try to update as many clients as possible. I am very sorry for this inconvenience.


Upate: 8:18pm. Estimated restoration time is tomorrow July 22 at 3:30pm.


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