Yesterday was a bust. I barely got anything done plus I’m dealing with Freelancer.Com. Thankfully, Freelancer investigated the situation and shut down that fraud freelancer’s account. If I had known the scam artists on that site I would never have bothered. OMG they are awful! Anyways, the situation is almost resolved, but barely. I am also dealing with my part-time job situation, plus trying to close out the rest of my freelance orders. I have a lot outstanding right now that I need to close. I’m hoping this week is better than the rest, I’m so frustrated with everything.

The most uplifting thing happened. I opened my phone this morning to discover I have 3 sales. My shop has been open over a week and I have 3 sales. I am over the moon happy!

So, I’m going to keep working on my etsy store, I’m not giving up. I want to have at least 1600 items in my shop so that I can gain some lucrative income. Daily sales is my goal. If I an make a minimum of $50.00-$100.00 per day I will be able to put more time into my daughter and do this part time. This is a dream goal, but I’m working to get here.

So, the printable inspired is Believe In Yourself.

Commercial Usage: Please see my policy page for limitations.

Here is the file. You’ll need to click on the image to get the full size. The size is 8×10 inches in 300dpi, perfect for printing.

Alright, I hope you enjoy!


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