Today is a bummer day. The elections have been over and though I’m not a Trump fan, he is our future President and I have come to terms with that. However, I have been getting some unnecessary feedback on Facebook. Trump supporters are expressing their happiness and I have no problem with that, it’s the insults and bad behavior I have a problem with. Actually, this terrible behavior is happening in public as well. I was at the bank cashing my check and my daughter was having a toddler tantrum. The clerk asked me this:

“She’s not crying because Trump won is she?”

The other clerks in the bank started laughing. Let me tell you, I almost lost my mind and went behind the counter on the man over my daughter. Since Trump has won, people are really showing their true colors. It’s unbelievable.  I’ll be glad when this dies down because people are out of control right now. This is unacceptable behavior and it needs to stop now!

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