Okay, so I have all my orders cleared out, I’m sorta rested and I have some work to do on my personal site (which I will be launching tonight). I will be working on my LovelyDesignStudio redesign as well. Studiopress released a lovely theme that I believe will help me out with getting my site live. I just wanted something minimalist, that I did not have to spend tons of hours building myself.

I’m in good spirits, just tired though. Watch out for those updates tonight. Also, since I’ve hit 500 likes on my Facebook Page (free printables) I’ll be hosting a giveaway. Stay tuned for that.

After today, I don’t get another off day until Sunday, so I’ll be busy the rest of the week. 🙂

Okay, so here is your free printable. It’s a PDF in 300dpi. All you need to do is print and cut.

Hope you enjoy!


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