Working hard or hardly working. Saturdays are usually my days to self reflect and try to figure out what my next plan of action will be. Well, to start, I’m finally starting to settle into my business and get enough rhythm to actually finish with my updates. I’ll be able to run my blog and my business in one swoop with no issues.


I’m also looking for a house, which is going to be my very first purchase. I didn’t realize how difficult it is to find a house. Getting approved for a home loan is a piece of cake, but getting a house seems to be more difficult. I haven’t found a home that really stands out, but I’m going to keep looking until I find that house that I know will be my home forever.

Alright, let me stop rambling. Here is your free printable.

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A full time web/graphic designer, writer, and stay at home mom to a beautiful little girl named Sophie. I love having the privileged of being with her full time so that I can watch her grow, and working from home. ******Donations kindly accepted here********** Click to Donate Now!

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