When making this file, I absolutely fell in love with it. Uploaded the .png file for design space for print and cut kiss cut stickers. I made a beautiful weekly spread that I can’t wait to share with you all. I’m absolutely over the moon in love with making my own planner stickers right now. It’s so therapeutic, especially with my situation. I’m dealing with depression, I have my daughter with me full time so I can’t do much for myself if anything, and I have work along with house hold duties. So for right now there’s really a fine line between free time for myself and life. My baby girl will be going to school in the next year or so, so let me scream relief to the roof tops now lol!

Planning helps me so much. I deal with a lot and planning seriously helps me get through the tough times. There’s nothing to it and when I’m sitting at the laundromat, or just resting after a long day, I get to make a beautiful spread while planning me week out.

So, let me get you that free printable. The Cricut print/cut tutorials are coming soon, just as soon as I get my blog and file database caught up.

The .pdf file is for the DIY print cut sticker sheet, and the .png file is for Cricut Design Space print/cut.

Hope you enjoy. 🙂

Download Here


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