Oh goodness, this week has been HARD lol! Man O’ Man I am so looking forward to Monday it’s not even funny lol! The sad part is no, I don’t have to work my part-time job, but I have to do both my hair and my daughter’s hair. I’ll be braiding like a mad-man lol! Also, we have to hit the carnival on Monday to meet up with my daughter’s Uncle and cousins.

The best news about all of this?

I’ve started building my planner again!

Also, Lovely Design Studio is getting a design revamp today, it just needs to be done I’ve been putting it off for WAY too long. I’ll be offering some better packages, especially the blog design package that you mom-bloggers who view will see some better prices.

Okay, let me move on from my rant and give you today’s free printable. The printables are 300dpi, perfect for printing.

Make sure you click on the image to get the full size.

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