I’m going through a terrible situation with Freelancer.com. These people do not care about their customers who come there to spend their hard earned money. They just want to charge your card and could care less about anything else. This is the worst company I have ever dealt with.  I had reported some issues with a Freelancer who had logged into my account, released payment, and then left 5 star feedback. I received a notification email from freelancer that I logged in from a different location and contacted them about it.

While I got a refund, they ultimately suspended my account and sent me this canned reason why.



Good day!

Thank you for contacting Freelancer.com Support.

We regret to hear that your account may have been compromised. To avoid any further unauthorized access, we have temporarily suspended your account. Kindly re-format your PCs or run an anti-virus scan to remove all suspicious malware. Once you have done that, please respond back to us so we can start the verification process and restore your account access.

We will wait for your response.

Wendy J.
Freelancer.com Support

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e: support@freelancer.com
w: http://www.freelancer.com

I ran my computer for viruses as they instructed and nothing came up. NOTHING. So basically, they took it upon themselves to put the blame on me and suspend my account. I was floored by this. I went to twitter and facebook and let them know that if they have not resolved this or at least provided me my money back that I will be issuing a chargeback.


Then they responded with these questions:


Thank you for mailing us back.

Your response has been taken note of. To resolve the situation and avoid any further unauthorized access, your account has been suspended and limited by Freelancer.com Administration. The password has been reset as well for your account’s security.

To move forward with the reinstatement of your account, kindly answer the following security questions:

1. When was the account created?
2. What was the verification code sent to you to verify your email address when you created the account?
3. What was the last phone number used to phone verify your account?
4. What is the complete address registered on your account?
5. What was your last authorized transaction on the account?

Once you have provided the appropriate answers, you will be directed to the Verification Center to complete the verification process.

We look forward to your understanding and cooperation.


What was the verification code sent to your to verify your email address when you created the account? If I have not laughed so hard I don’t know what I would do. This account is over six years old. How could I possibly have this information anymore? Do you see the tactics this company just used to hold my money hostage. Needless to say, I’ll be filing a chargeback Monday morning. This company is AWFUL!

Now a measly $25.88 for header design may seem like nothing, but at the end of the day what this company is doing is STEALING and I will not have it. I will get my money back I could care less about my account with this company. Freelancer.Com is SCAMMING THEIR CUSTOMERS!


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