From my previous post a few days ago, I mentioned this has been quite a nightmare for me. Thankfully, I have restored a few accounts. I have just regained access back to my PayPal account and refunds have been sent or in the process of being sent. I have uploaded the documents to Gmail and they are processing my password request change. It’s looking very good on that end.

Skype, I think that may be a goner, but I’m actively working with Skype to get my account restored.

Needless to say, I have been in contact with all clients and work will resume Saturday, July 30, 2016. I am almost 100% back in business.

I do want to apologize humbly from the bottom of my heart of this entire debacle and I am so happy to have almost all of my accounts restored.

May this be a lesson not only for myself but for the massess. When hiring someone always create a separate password for them. Never use the password you always use. You just can’t trust anyone online these days. 🙂


Back to publishing my free printable. I’ll be going back from the last time I posted through today. 🙂


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