Let me tell you! This stuff tastes HORRIBLE! I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy lol! I’m in my 4th day of Apple Cider Vinegar and I have no sinus problems. However, the cough I’m getting is an utter nightmare. I’m not giving up. I’m still taking my fluids and getting lots of rest, it’s just not that easy at all. I have to work tonight and oh boy, it’s the first of the month so I’m not excited about how busy it’s going to be, but I only work 4 hours there tonight so I know i’ll make it through my shift.

Today is my last day taking ACV. If I do end up taking another dose, I’m just not going to blog about it. Apple Cider Vinegar does work to help cure your infection, but it’s not 100% effective. I think I should have at least taken some antibiotics but my infection is so close to fully subsiding it’s ridiculous to go get some now.



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